De Vries nv has more than 20 years of experience in production of plastic products including slats (gratings). Over the last years we have developed an unique production process for the continuous (virtually endless) production of cross sectionally variable non circular thermoplastic structural element reinforced with profiled wires.
The first one we introduce is a slat we name Contislat.


Transversal uniformly distributed high ribs at approx. 10cm 4inch spacing with reinforcements in longitudinal direction for bridging support.

In between parallel tapered triangular lower ribs with it's advantages in terms of passage for semi solid liquid substances.

Transversal ribs at approx. 6.4cm 2.5inch spacing.

Optional reinforcement with untreated, galvanized, coated steel or other high strength materials.

Matrix standard prime or optionally recycled polypropylene copolymer. Resistant to acids and bases and hygienically due to it's non-polar property.

Optionally fire retardant compound with use of non-halogen (more ecological friendly) fire retardant additive. Passed successful Bfl-s1 fire test at Warringtonfire Ghent (report 22056).

Absence of seams in transversal direction and simple linear seams at sides for low dirt accumulation, improved hygiene and easy to clean.

At moderate lengths less than about 2.5mtr dependent on the application and load no need for additional support.

As a result of integrated uniform distributed reinforcement easy tailoring in length, width and nonorthogonal directions while remaining support functionality.

Standard stainless steel reinforcement for maintaining corrosion resistance after sawing and possible damage during lifetime.

100% recyclable due to the use of (stainless-) steel and thermoplastic instead of thermosetting plastic.

Standard without the use of short glass fibers in matrix and long glass fibers as reinforcement makes it recyclable for a wider range of applications. This result in more residual value and less waste removal costs at end of life.

More fall-through safety due to the relatively short distance between the ductile steel reinforcements. Especially important when using recycled- and/or fire retardant thermoplastics with lower mechanical properties like strength and toughness.

Specific bulging in both length and width direction optional available.

Fully or partially closed version and combination with thermoelastic softer top coating and anti slip profiling planned to be available later.


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